Heatwave hijinks (almost ready to start my car after 4.5 years!)

I spent a couple of ridiculous days this week on this thing, sweating out my eyeballs as it is the middle of a summer heatwave here in Australia at the moment.

I turned the motor over with a drill to wind oil pressure into the motor. 50psi came up nice and quick so i call that job done.

My car had linkages controlling the gas pedal and transmission and none of that would work with my new setup so I hooked up a Lokar accelerator pedal, cable and electric kickdown kit.

I also blocked off the old linkage plate on the firewall and threw on a Mooneyes barefoot gas pedal a mate donated me.

I put 20L of fresh 98 premium unleaded in the tank and checked for fuel leaks (had a couple, easily resolved), then got the Haltech 950 powered up. I tried loading a base map in but my laptop refused to identify the ECU when plugged in so i have Googled, and now deleted/reinstalled the software as per Dr Google’s recommended tonic.

After that i tried troubleshooting why my airbag suspension doesn’t work . Sorcery abounded as the Aussie Accuair E-level wiring is different to all the American stuff on the web, but Air Ride Suspension supplies in Melbourne sorted me out in 2 shakes of a lamb’s tail and my ENDO-CVT fired up almost silenty…

…except it appears i have killed the E-Level ECU and touchpad by operating the system on a dead battery that had a charger attached. Replacement parts have been ordered (over $750 yeouch).

At this point i decided it was too hot for these shenanigans and bailed back to Sydney to cool off.

My mate Kris is coming up Tuesday to sort some wiring issues with switched ignition power. He has helped me a huge amount as he is a crazy bugger who put a Pontiac 400ci in his HQ Monaro (our equivalent of a 1970 Chevelle SS454 LS6). It’s a solid-roller EFI monster! Just listen to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_h_P9k4HkYw

We will hopefully also set TDC offset to actually get a tune in this thing for the first time in 4.5 years.

If he doesn’t succeed i have ordered a sacrificial altar and some voodoo supplies with which to exorcise the demon from my vehicle. No pressure.

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