Tanks for looking (AKA custom mounts for my custom gas tank, and fitting roof insulation)

This weekend was another session thrashing on my barge, installing various parts and generally stressing about getting it done in time.

I started by running new Raceworks AN6 (-6) 200-series teflon fuel line under the car, and cut it to length. I also drilled holes to fit nutserts to mount P-clips, which will hold the fuel line in place.

I had intended to join it all together with Raceworks fittings but the ones I ordered didn’t turn up in time.

I then got onto wiring in the Accuair ENDO-CVT using Deutsch connectors and running a custom loom from the E-Level height management ECU under the dash to the ENDO tank out the back.

After that setback I got onto scraping off all the original sound-proofing from the roof. This. Job. Sucked.

I fitted peel-n-stick sound deadening from CarBuilders Australia, which is cheap and a synch to fit. There is 1.5 boxes in this roof and C-pillars, and in behind the rear passenger compartment.

With the sound proofing done, I got onto mounting the custom fuel tank by extending the straps.

I chopped the original straps, then checked what length of extra metal I needed to weld in.

I checked how they fitted…

I wire-wheeled the tank mounts and painted them in KBS rust proof black to seal them. I then went home and welded up the straps to length.

On Sunday I went back and mounted the tank, notching the tank mounts to clear the fuel pump. Even the filler neck lines up to the new tank!

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