Paint! Finally, paint is on my car… (AKA don’t get excited it still has weeks of work to go before it is all painted).

A few weeks ago I committed to having my Pontiac at the biggest car show in my country: Summernats 32 in Canberra, Australia. This meant my car needed to drive 4 hours sound on January 2, 2019.

I therefore told my paint guy we needed to get the hanging panels on and make some progress. He booked my Bonneville into Semits Smash shop in Hamilton, Newcastle this Friday to use their booth.

First, we wet-sanded the jambs and roof on the Thursday night.

I had the barge picked up bu Luke at Full Tilt Towing on Friday morning.

It arrived safe ‘n’ sound at Semits Smash where i started masking it up

Waiting for the booth, where we would do the final plastic masking

Ready to go! The booth runs at approximately 32degC.

Holden “Poison Ivy” green, also known as Rainforest Green in the USA.

First coat…

First coat (left) against second coat (right)

After 5 coats of colour and three coats of clear i think it is perfect!

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