When you take a car back to bare metal expect not to see it complete for months.

When I decided to respray my car I knew it was going to be a huge job to undertake. After countless bodyshops and friends declined to even quote me I opted to employ the services of a guy who was working for my mate Ryan.

I stripped most of the paint off the car and this person primed up some panels, and also painted the inner surfaces of some panels quite quickly. Then work stopped for several months, and excuses flew.

Having dropped my car off at the start of February I wanted my car back, painted, by October so I could get it to Australia’s biggest car show. As the months flew past it became obvious this wasn’t going to happen and I started to get more desperate about how to motivate this person (who I had already paid more than 3/4 of the agreed-to amount).

Ultimately I told him I wanted the door jambs painted so I could refit the doors and guards (as their inner surfaces had already been painted).

Luke from Full-Tilt Towing picked up my car at lunchtime on the Friday.

The car arrived at the smash shop in Newcastle safe’n’sound.

Waiting for the booth, where we would do the final plastic masking.

Ready to go! The booth runs at approximately 32degC.

Holden “Poison Ivy” green, also known as Rainforest Green in the USA.

After 5 coats of colour and three coats of clear i think it is perfect!

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