Teasing is a modern problem (AKA the pain when your painter sends you teaser pics of your car’s fresh hue)

I look at my phone and I have unread messages from my painter. As I’m pondering what is going on I open up the messages and am met with a sudden, awesome surprise. Brendan has started laying paint down on the inner panel surfaces!


After four years of picking different tones, patterns and colours (colors) this is the first look I’ve had at my car wearing new paint. And it is freakin’ awesome!


Interestingly, I’ve seen this colour (Poison Ivy, or Rainforest Green) quite a lot – it is used on late model General Motors cars including the Cruze (as sold by Holden, Chevrolet, Daewoo and more), as well as the Aussie Commodore SS and some Chevy pick-up trucks. I think it got a run on the fifth-generation Camaro SS, too, and is similar to the 2013 Corvette Lime Rock Green colour.

So it isn’t strange to see this colour rolling down the road on some modern car, but I cannot wait to see it on an old car as their curves and general shape is quite different to the modern autos.

It also got me wondering whether the modern age of having mobile phones that can send pictures and videos instantly across the world spoils the surprise for some people…


Back in the day people used to get cars painted all the time and, without the ability to digitally watch the paint go down onto the panels they’d have to wait ’til the job was done before they’d turn up and see their car’s new paint job in the flesh after it was done. Nerve-wracking but also imagine the feeling to see it all fresh and new, after dropping it off all old and tired?!

Still, I am stoked beyond belief that Brendan sent these pics through as it feels like we’remaking real progress on a build that seems to have dragged on for years longer than it should have.

I have to say I love the *pop* the green has in the sun, yet it goes quite dark and elegant in the shade.


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