Be careful of landscapers (AKA the nightmare under my paint)

My painter has been busy paint-stripping the hanging panels of my car. Some have turned out fantastically well… other panels have shown up some seriously sub-par panel beating done in the past.

Read on below to see the full carnage…

Oxytech’s “Agro” paint stripper has carved through the old paint and made it easy to get the panel back to a point it was easy to whiz the panel quickly with some 80-grit sandpaper.



Unfortunately Brendan found the doors were in quite poor condition with many low spots from unrepaired damage. 


The circles show damaged areas. They don’t look TOO bad here…


That is a VERY low, low spot! The metal surface should sit flush with the bottom of the ruler along its entire length…


The good news is that Brendan has stripped many smaller parts. He will work on stripping, repairing and then putting all hanging panels into primer before we strip the rear guards and tackle the door jambs.


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