Hola, amigos

G’day, hi, how’s it goin’?

My name is Iain Kelly and I live in Sydney, Australia. I’ve been a motoring journalist since leaving school, working primarily with classic and modified cars for titles like Street Machine, MOTOR, and Auto Salon. However, I’ve been a car fanatic since I can remember and have always had a particularly affinity for full-size 1960s American cars.

Since Photobucket killed all the hard work I put into maintaining the build threads I had for this car, I’ve decided to do a blog about the rebuild of my 1964 Pontiac Bonneville coupe, and other automotive adventures instead.

My Poncho is getting paint, aftermarket standalone EFI, electronically controlled Accuair air suspension (E-level and ENDO-CVT), a different transmission, wheels, disc brakes, Vintage Air A/C, and more and more and more….

There’s a lot to talk about and I’ll aim to keep this updated once per-month. Let me know what you’d like to see more of, or if you’d like anything explained in more detail.

Cheers for visiting!


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