G’day! My name is Iain Kelly and this is my website dedicated to the adventures I’m having while rebuilding my 1964 Pontiac Bonneville sport coupe. I imported this car to Australia, from California, in 2014 and it has been a long journey since then.

1964 Pontiac
Booker Bay, NSW, Australia

This has been a long project, and it is still going on right now (February 2018). I’ll keep you guys updated as I go, and will ensure I show how I use the car once it is back together as I’m planing on racking up plenty of miles in it.

For the guys wanting a by-the-book resto back to standard, you best be finding another site to look at. My Bonneville is a designed to incorporate a bunch of new technologies while keeping the feel of a mid-60s boulevard cruiser… with a little muscle car attitude thrown in.

I’m talking custom stand-alone Haltech EFI, electronically controlled air suspension, Vintage Air A/C, Master Power disc brakes, electric power steering, and more. But I will also keep the car’s 1960s feel, so it will keep its Pontiac heart and that rad style.

If you have any questions, comments, or criticisms, please feel free to get in touch.

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